Student Evaluations



The following comments are from my students of Sociological Theory and Globalization and Justice.


“Nikhil is one of the coolest teachers ever!! In a setting that usually relies on rigidity and coldness, Nikhil brings warmth and flexibility to his class. He encourages debate in the class (even against him), and he’s an extremely down to earth sort of guy.”

“Nikhil Deb is fantastic, based on the underlying pressure (where he doesn’t feel like pressure, just a nudge or a push) to his students toward discussion in the class. By the end of the class, each student was raising their hand to provide their unique take or position on these controversial debates. And to invoke that much passion in the students—with this student culture to just sit and be quiet—is remarkable.”

Critical thinking

“It [sociological theory] opened me up to a new way of thinking and a new way to look at the world around me.”

“Not only was there such a great stimulant towards discussion and thought, but the topics, the topic of this class was fundamentally awesome. Both in it being controversial, but also of the fundamental curiosity it provoked in our students. Much of it was helpful in reexamining our perspective and how we see the world. To be blunt, both Deb and the content was absolutely fantastic. I think our class understands that. And due to Deb and the content, I have never worked harder on a paper before than in this course. Based on me trying to be as comprehensive and that sound in this complicated realm of worldview. Just thoroughly fantastic.”


“His PowerPoints were very helpful in understanding the material and I like how he gave us little quizzes that just went towards participation because then we knew what types of questions he was going to ask on the test.”

“Technology was good and had helpful documentaries to watch and give good visual representation of what we were learning.”